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Jason Industries was established in 1932 when James Anthony Bridge, at the age of 45, resigned from his foreman’s job during the Great Depression to start-up BRIDGE-BUILT Tinware and Sheetmetal Work. James’ eldest son, John Bridge initially handled the accounting responsibilities outside of his regular job, and a partnership was formed in 1933 with Arthur Wilson (also a sheet metal worker).

From sheet metal work beginnings, the business expanded to include metal spinning, press work, electroplating, anodising and tool making. Aluminum was the link to all products manufactured and the company became a pioneer in the development of aluminium housewares and aluminium windows.

The production of aluminium windows in WA commenced in the late 1950’s and was initially part of the Sheet Metal Division. Window making later became a wholly owned subsidiary of Jason Industries through the Jason Builder Products.

Originally, a licensing deal was struck with Hawker Siddeley in the USA to produce their range of aluminum residential windows for Western Australia. Several years later Hawker Siddeley closed their operations and Jason’s produced and marketed Norman Fasham’s Vista series of standard windows and doors on a national basis.

In 1966, Jason’s developed and introduced its own design of standard products, but continued sales of Hawker Siddely products a national basis until 1969 when a decision was made to concentrate on the West Australian Market only. Jason’s new products were designed to suit double-brick housing, a construction type unique to Western Australia still today.

In 1994, Jason Windows was brought out by its current owners and remains a 100% privately owned West Australian Company.

What’s in a name?

The trademark “Jason” was chosen partly because of the enterprise and leadership it symbolises in Greek legend, and partly because it links the names of the founders of the business, JAS. A. Bridge, his SON J. S. Bridge, and A.T. WILSON.

The original Jason was a Thessalian prince who had been deprived of his rightful throne by his uncle, Pelias. Elias promised to give up the kingdom if Jason would lead an expedition to Colchis on the Black Sea, and bring back the famous Golden Fleece.

Jason accepted the challenge and set out with his band of fifty heroes, known as the Argonauts, from the name of their ship, Argo.

After many adventures they reached Colchis, where the hostile king, Aetes, imposed three seemingly impossible tasks on Jason before he might win the Fleece. First he must tame two-fire-breathing oxen and plough a field with them; then sow the field with dragons’ teeth and kill all the warriors who would spring from them; and finally, kill the sleepless dragon which guarded the Fleece.

All these things Jason did, with the help of Medea, a daughter of Aetes, and they eventually fled together with their prize, the Golden Fleece.

Throughout the arduous quest, Jason strove to remain true to the advice of his wise old teacher, Chiron, the Centaur. Chiron had admonished him, “Speak courteously to all whom you meet, and perform all you promise.”

Courtesy and reliability have become a company tradition – symbolised by the trademark …. JASON WINDOWS


To test the strength of their windows, Jason’s employees would stand on the windows and test the strength under different forces. The results were very positive.

WA windows
WA windows