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Glass Regulations

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When choosing glass for your home you may not be aware that some factors are governed by building regulations and therefore out of your control. Let’s look at some of the Glass regulations that apply to your home.

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Australian Standards and Building Regulations

Without getting too technical, there are Australian Standards and Building Regulations for glass within a building. All new homes or new renovations need to comply with these regulations. For example, as a general guide, you must use Grade A Safety Glass in:

  1. All glass doors
  2. Bathrooms (for all areas up to 2m high)
  3. Door side panels (if less than 300mm away from the door and positioned 1200mm or less above the floor)
  4. Areas that can be mistaken for openings, for example, full height glass
  5. Low level glass if larger than 1.2m (areas under 1.2m require a minimum of 5mm thick glass)

Your glass choice will also be influenced by:

  • The location you live in
  • Bush fire zones
  • Energy efficiency restrictions for new homes

To check what glass regulations are applicable to your new home or renovation, speak with a Jason Windows team member today or visit our Welshpool or Bunbury Showroom.

About the Author

Peter denBoer, President – Glass and Window Association of WA

Peter den Boer has worked in the Australian Glass Industry for over 34 years and is well respected for his experience and knowledge within the industry.
Peter has been the past President of the Glass and Window Association of WA since 2014 before being merged this year and had been a board member of the Australian Glass & Glazing Association since 2015. Now a board member of the merged entity – Australian Glass and Window Association.



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