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The building process can be a challenging but very rewarding experience.

In this section you will find information you require to help you better understand what is involved in terms of windows and doors for owner builders.

Jason Windows has a dedicated owner builder project team who are available to assist you along this exciting journey.

Before starting your owner builder journey, there are some window and door components you will need to be familiar with. Below are some useful guides you can refer to:

Split Level & Multi Storey Guides

All projects that are either split level or multi storey require scaffolding and hoists to be supplied and erected by the builder.

All scaffolding and hoists must comply with the appropriate Australian Standards and Worksafe requirements. Refer to this useful guide.

Frame & Glass Protection

It is the builders responsibility to protect all Jason frames and glass on site during the construction phase. Here’s a helpful guide to assist you.

Owner Builder Process

The Owner Builder process differs between Single Storey and Double Storey homes:

Click here for the Single Storey Process Guide
Click here for the Double Storey Process Guide

Helpful Information

For information on Jason Windows glass, please click here to view types of glass and glass appearance options.

For our Owner Builder FAQ, please click here.

Brochures & Guides

These Brochures & Guides provide detailed information for Residential Builders and will also be helpful to Owner Builders:

Product Brochures 


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Read our full warranty statement here.

Read our full Quality Standards & Compliance statement here.


Site Ready Confirmation

The openings are ready/prepared.
The openings have a clear access.
External sill bricks are installed.
For rake window openings, the ceilings are installed and the external cladding type confirmed.
If there is a recessed sill, this has been cut on site and the measurement of where internal frame height will finish above slab level has been confirmed.
The future estimated date of when render/plaster will be completed on site.

Site Measure

From your confirmation, as per stage one above, allow one week for the site measure of openings to be completed.


All products are made to order. Depending on the frame type, colour etc this can take up to three to four weeks for the aluminium to be extruded and painted. Standard products and colours take one to two weeks to manufacture. Additional lead times are required for non standard colours.

Installation and Glazing

After manufacture, installation of the frame by a fixer and installation of the glass by a glazier (two separate processes) will be scheduled and completed within one to two weeks.

Before the glaziers arrive, it is the builders responsibility to thoroughly clean window and door tracks. The frames and glass will also need to be thoroughly cleaned before screens and/or colonial bars are installed.

Installation of Pressings

Once the frames and glazing is completed, pressings will be installed before the site, measure & fit processes can be marked off as completed.