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Aluminium Bifold doors provide versatility, providing your designs with the feeling of space, ease of operation and require minimal opening area. The advantage of these doors is their flexibility to be used to open up confined areas and improve the functionality of the homes living environment. Letting in an abundance of natural light and ventilation they offer easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or covered relaxation areas.


Glazed externally incorporating high tack pressure tape adhering the glass to the frame on contact providing the best in water proofing performance without compromising security. Choose from:

  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Toned Glass
  • Low E or Double Glazing

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A choice of either the integral glazing bar or a stick on application is available. The integral bar enables different glass substances or bevelled glass to be incorporated in the product design.


Benchmark Bifold doors feature mortised deadlocks with stylish satin chrome handles that are internally and externally keyed. Concealed flush bolts unobtrusively secure the door leafs at the top and bottom of the frame.

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Frame Sizes (mm) 100 x 44 100 x 44
Door Height (mm) Min: 2057, Max: 2400 Min: 2057, Max: 3000
Door Width (mm) Min: 1800, Max: 6090 Min: 1600, Max: 6400
Maximum Panel Width (mm) 800 1000
Maximum Panel Weight 50kg 100kg
Maximum Water Rating 150pa 450pa
Maximum Wind Rating 800kpa 2500pa
Maximum Glass Thickness – Single Glazing (mm) 10 15
Maximum Glass Thickness – Double Glazing (mm) N/A 24
Maximum Bush Fire Rating BAL29 BAL29
Lowest U-Value Single Glazed 4.6 4.6
Lowest U-Value Double Glazed N/A 4.1
Lowest SHGC – Single Glazed 0.28 0.32
Lowest SHGC – Double Glazed N/A 0.31
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8 Panel

All Jason Windows Bi-Fold doors open out.


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