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Jason Windows offer fibreglass mesh in our flyscreens as standard, however your clients have the option to upgrade their flyscreens depending on their needs:

  • Fibreglass Mesh
  • Migi Mesh
  • Ali Mesh
  • Steel Mesh

It is important to note, flyscreens are just that, screens to prevent flies and other insects entering the home. If your client requires screens to help keep their pets and children on the safe side, then we recommend upgrading to either perforated or stainless steel security screens.


All Jasons doors and windows are designed to accept a standard flyscreen covering the opening and preventing the intrusion of unwanted insects.

Jasons flyscreens are manufactured using a sturdy extruded aluminium section rather than with lightweight roll form material to give extra strength.

The screens fit flush with easy installation and removal for cleaning.


Flydoors are light weight and can easily blow open on a windy day. The Jasons range of flydoors come with a door latch to prevent the door opening.

Flyscreens 66

Flyscreens 67

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Fibreglass Mesh

Fibreglass Mesh is supplied as standard and is suitable for keeping most insects out of the home.


  • Economical
  • Flexible for easy installation
  • Excellent visibility
  • UV stabilised

Migi Mesh

Migi Mesh is very fine woven fibreglass and is designed to stop smaller insects such as sandflies and midges from entering the home. Recommended for clients living near waterways.


  • Superfine mesh size to keep out tiny insects
  • Flexible for easy installation
  • Excellent visibility
  • UV stabilised

Ali Mesh

Powder coated aluminium mesh offering better durability than fibreglass insect mesh. Ali Mesh is non-flammable, fire resistant, and complies with AS3959 up to BAL29.


  • Stronger than standard fibreglass mesh
  • Rated up to BAL29
  • Powder coated charcoal finish
  • Excellent visibility

Steel Mesh

Steel Mesh is stronger than Ali Mesh and offers good resistance to corrosion. Steel mesh is non-flammable, fire resistant and complies with AS3959 up to BAL29.


  • Stronger than aluminium mesh
  • Rated up to BAL29
  • Powder coated charcoal finish
  • Corrosion resistant ā€¢ Good visibility
Flyscreen Mesh Specifications for Residential Homes
Fibreglass Aluminium Mesh Steel Mesh Migi Mesh
Material PVC Coated Fibreglass Powder Coated Aluminium 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel PVC Coated Fibreglass
Diameter mm 0.25 0.23 0.18 0.25
Strands per Inch 18 x 14 18 x 16 18 x 16 18 x 30
Corrosion Resistance Flyscreens 72 Flyscreens 73 Flyscreens 74 Flyscreens 75 Flyscreens 76 Flyscreens 77 Flyscreens 78 Flyscreens 79 Flyscreens 80 Flyscreens 81 Flyscreens 82
UV Resistance Flyscreens 83 Flyscreens 84 Flyscreens 85 Flyscreens 86 Flyscreens 87 Flyscreens 88 Flyscreens 89 Flyscreens 90 Flyscreens 91 Flyscreens 92
Strength Rating Flyscreens 93 Flyscreens 94 Flyscreens 95 Flyscreens 96 Flyscreens 97 Flyscreens 98 Flyscreens 99
BAL29 Flyscreens 100 Flyscreens 101
Available Widths:
610mm Flyscreens 102 Flyscreens 103 Flyscreens 104
760mm Flyscreens 105 Flyscreens 106 Flyscreens 107
810mm Flyscreens 108 Flyscreens 109 Flyscreens 110
910mm Flyscreens 111 Flyscreens 112 Flyscreens 113 Flyscreens 114
1070mm Flyscreens 115 Flyscreens 116 Flyscreens 117
1220mm Flyscreens 118 Flyscreens 119 Flyscreens 120 Flyscreens 121
1520mm Flyscreens 122 Flyscreens 123 Flyscreens 124 Flyscreens 125
1830mm Flyscreens 126
2100mm Flyscreens 127
2450mm Flyscreens 128