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Bi-Fold Door Range

Aluminium bi-fold doors provide versatility, giving your home the feeling of space, providing ease of operation and require minimal opening area. The advantage of these doors is their flexibility to be used to open up confined areas and improve the versatility and functionality of your living environment.

Flush Door Sill

If you are seeking a seamless transition to your outdoor living space, our bi-fold doors can be fitted with flush sills. Speak with one of our sales team who can advise you on this option.


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Letting in an abundance of natural light and ventilation they offer easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or covered relaxation areas.

  • Superb safety
  • High quality fixtures
  • Multiple options
  • Energy efficient guarantee

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3 Panel

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3 Panel

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4 Panel

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4 Panel

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5 Panel

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5 Panel

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6 Panel

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6 Panel

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6 Panel

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7 Panel

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7 Panel

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8 Panel

Bi-Fold Doors 38

8 Panel

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