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Pivot Doors

Jason Windows Pivot Door opens to reveal a grand looking foyer

Pivot Door Range

Jason Windows Pivot Doors are an excellent option for wider, single door openings. The larger size frame allows for a larger piece of glass to be installed, letting more light into the home and enhanced visibility.

Sophisticated Style

Nothing tops the dramatic sophisticated styling of a pivot door. Unlike the traditional door restrained with hinges, the pivot door swings from two pivot point. This heavier styled door has a built in self closing action and offers a modern wide sophisticated entry to your home.

Jason’s pivot doors are made to order in custom sizes.


Our pivot doors come with the Gainsborough Omni Enchanted Stainless Steel lock featuring a 600mm pull handle and world renowned 3 in 1 operation – deadbolt, lockset and passage functions all in the one lock.

The external lever is cleverly positioned behind the pull handle for added aesthetics.

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Doors Configuration
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Selecting Glass:
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Colour selection
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Need inspiration?
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Single Lite Panel

Single Lite Panel with Side Lite

Single Lite Panel with Hilite

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Sentry Hinged Omni Enchant

Gainsborough Omni Enchant 600mm