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Builder: Zorzi Homes | Photographer: Zorzi Homes
Builder: Zorzi Homes

Excellence in High End Home Innovation


In collaboration with Zorzi Homes, Jason Windows showcased expertise in product innovation and project management for this high-end home project. We integrated premium solutions, including Benchmark series windows, Sentry hinged doors, Capral’s 400 series windows, and the 900 series stacking door with integrated drain. The use of Interpon Night Sky colour and diverse glass types, such as AGC Optilam Phon Acoustic
Improved laminated glass, highlights our commitment to aesthetics and performance.

Zorzi Homes’ design is elevated by Jason Windows’ craftsmanship. Highlights include a grand bespoke commercial arch and a 9.5 metre-wide commercial stacking door with a zero-transition sill and drain. The Benchmark awning and fixed lite windows, along with the Sentry hinged door suite, blend elegance with functionality.

Overcoming Challenges with Precision

We adhered closely to Zorzi Homes’ brief, overcoming challenges with precision. Using locally sourced WA extruded aluminum from Capral emphasized our commitment to quality and sustainability. Despite labor challenges, our project manager ensured timely installation. Manufacturing at Jason Windows facility in Welshpool used local labour, maintaining quality control. Most glass was supplied by Australian manufacturer Oceania, with select laminated glass from AGC, supporting local industries.

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Innovative Solutions

The project’s complexities required innovative solutions. The arched window, a focal point, demanded creative manufacturing techniques and specialized cranage for installation. Jason Windows’ Benchmark and commercial ranges were used to balance functionality and quality.
Safety was paramount, with stringent requirements coordinated with Zorzi Homes. The stunning looking 900 Series Stacking Doors boasted a zero-transition integrated drain system to maintain that striking seamless look and maintained water drainage standards and door product ratings.

Exceeding Expectations

This high-end home project exemplifies the successful partnership between Zorzi Homes and Jason Windows. Through strategic planning and close collaboration, we delivered a project exceeding expectations in design, functionality, and safety compliance, showcasing our
shared commitment to excellence.

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