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Flyscreens are perfect for keeping insects such as flies, wasps, sandflies, mosquitoes, midges and spiders out while still allowing the cool breeze throughout your home. Flyscreens are not designed to keep pets and children contained and can be damaged by children and pets. Security screens are designed and installed to withstand an attack by an intruder whilst still functioning as an insect screen and allowing air flow into the home. Security screens are more robust than flyscreens and will help to keep children and pets on the safe side.


All Jason Doors and Windows are designed to accept a standard flyscreen covering the opening and preventing the intrusion of unwanted insects. The screens are fitted with Fibreglass Mesh as standard with the following upgrade options available:

Aluminium Mesh
  • More durable than Fibreglass Mesh
  • Suitable for bush fire rated zones, complies with AS3959 up to BAL29
Steel Mesh
  • Stronger than Aluminium Mesh
  • Good Corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for bush fire rated zones, complies with AS3959 up to BAL29
Migi Mesh
  • Superfine to keep out tiny insects
  • Recommended for homes near waterways

Fibreglass mesh flyscreen


Aluminium Flyscreen Mesh


Migi flyscreen mesh


Steel flyscreen mesh


Flyscreen Spare Parts
Visit the Jason Windows spare parts shop for your flyscreen spare parts. Go to shop.jasonwindows.com.au

Need a spare part for your Jason Flyscreens? Our online Spare Parts Shop stocks all of the parts you need. From replacement flydoor rollers to flyscreen clips for your awning windows – we’ve got you covered!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply contact our Spare Parts team and they’ll be able to tell you whether a part is available. Instore pick-up is available from our Bunbury and Welshpool locations, or we can post your new part to you.

Flyscreen Remeshing Service
Flyscreen remeshing service

Overtime, flyscreens need remeshing due to wear and tear from everyday use. Jason Windows offer a flyscreen remeshing service at our Welshpool manufacturing facility to ensure a nice tight fit to your existing frames.

Please contact our service team for a quote. Please note, you can expect a three day turn around.

Phone: 9351 3430 | Email: service@jasonwindows.com.au

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Security Screen Doors
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