Some of the key decisions that need to be considered in the product selection of glass to be used in facades, interiors and glazing systems are listed below. Solar and thermal performance will often be a high priority decision along with appearance (colour, transparency and reflectivity).

This information may lead to a glass product type with additional attributes such as safety, security, decoration, noise control and self-cleaning that can be selected.

Breakage and Minimising Risk

How glass behaves in the case of accidental or intentional breakage must be considered and while glazing codes and regulations provide the minimum requirements, they do not necessarily constitute fitness for purpose. Attention is drawn to the heat soak treatment of toughened glass and the strength recommendations of glass in wind load and glazing codes.
Standards now call for toughened laminated glass in some applications such as high level balustrades and overhead glazing. This type of glass offers the optimum in structural strength and safety in the event of breakage.


*Translucent glass will incur additional costs