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Worried you have a leak?

Use our leaky window detector tool to verify your window or door is leaking, or if it’s something simpler, like blocked weep holes.

If you find it is leaking, please take a photo or video as this will help us identify the issue.

Water pooling on the floor and window frames

Leaky Window Detector Tool

How Weep Holes Work

A weep hole (also known as a drainage hole) is a small opening in your window and door frame that allows water to drain from the assembly. If your weep holes are blocked it can cause the water to overflow into your window or door track and back inside your home.

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How to Clean Tracks

It’s important to regularly clean your door and window tracks to prevent dirt and debris buildup. If left unattended, this dirt can block the weep holes in the tracks, causing water to overflow into your house and potentially lead to costly water damage.

Regular maintenance also helps you spot minor issues before they become a big problem, and prolong the life of other moving parts, such as the rollers.

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