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What is Annealed Glass?

Annealed glass is cooled slowly under controlled conditions in a heat treatment process (annealing) during production, removing internal stresses from the glass. Annealed glass is the minimum standard for glazing in a home.

Benefits & Considerations


The benefits of annealed glass include:

  • The wind load performance is suitable for most residential applications*
  • Thermal-stress resistance is suitable for most residential applications
  • Excellent visibility
  • Available in different tones and opaque options
  • Excellent light transmission in the standard clear tone
  • Cost effective

* May not be suitable for front-facing coastal applications.

annealed glass benefits jason windows


The Australian Standards & Building Regulations will determine some glass choices within your home. For example, as a rule, you must use Grade A safety glass in all glass doors, as annealed glass tends to break into irregular, sharp pieces when broken.

The strength limitations of annealed glass limit the size of usable pieces. Size limitations are specified by Australian Standard AS1288 – Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation. Other glass types are available if you have specific needs or size requirements.

A Jason Windows product specialist can offer you glass selection assistance when you book a consultation in one of our showrooms.

anneal glass considerations


Always select your preferred glass option from a physical sample in a Jason Windows or Builders Showroom. The quality of your digital screen output can misrepresent colours and patterns.

Upgrade Options

If you want to improve insulation performance or improve acoustic comfort in your home, consider upgrading your glass:

You can combine glass types to meet both thermal and acoustic needs. Refer to the Jason Windows Glass Guide or speak with a Jason Windows product specialist for expert guidance.

Replacement of Existing Glazing

Are you looking at options to improve the existing glazing in your home?

Jason Windows offers a Remove and Replace service in partnership with local glazing experts. Visit our Remove & Replace page to learn more about this service or  organise a free quote.

Product Specifications

For glazing energy & acoustic data  please visit our Support Guides for Builders