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The Great Outdoors Meets the Grand Indoors!

Jason Stacking Doors make a real statement and will become a favourite feature of your home. Stacking doors are perfect for connecting dining, living and entertainment areas into one spacious area. Options include:

  • Three, four, five and six-panel configurations
  • Column-less to allow corner stacking doors
  • Flush sill


Low Profile Sills

The low profile sills of Jason Stacking Doors create a natural ramping effect, enabling easy access.

Upgrading to a commercial framing system provides the option for a flush sill, offering a seamless transition to outdoor living spaces.

Stacking door open wide showing the low profile of the sill where the outdoor entertaining area transitions to the living space.


Architecturally designed homes often come with custom requirements such as larger,  heavier glazing panels. Coastal frontage homes, for instance, require specific wind and water rating specifications.

Large, wide open stacking door

Energy Conscious Design

The premium seals on Jason Stacking Doors reduce air leakage and have an excellent air conditioning rating. This ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency when heating or cooling your home.
To improve energy efficiency even further, consider Low-E energy efficient glass to dramatically reduce the transfer of heat or cold through the glass. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Stacking door as viewed from above. You can see the door tracks and just make out the door seals that are included on all Jason Stacking Doors for energy efficiency.

Available Colours

Preview a colour

Charcoal Lustre

The deep smokey charcoal hue provides warmth to the light shimmer of the lustre. Charcoal Lustre is a perfect accent to light colour palettes.

Colour Range


Pet Doors

Jason Stacking Doors can be fitted with a pet door within the glazing.

Pet doors should be specified at time of order, but they can be retrofitted after installation for an additional cost.

Illustration showing the dimensions of pet doors that can be fitted to Jason Sliding and Stacking Doors. The cat door opening is 180mm wide by 170mm high. The dog door opening is 285mm wide by 250mm high.Retrofited Pet Doors: pleased be advised Jason Windows is currently not retrofitting pet doors due to labour shortages. 

Glazing Options

The role glass plays in the ongoing performance and comfort of a home is often overlooked when building or renovating. Glass has a significant impact on the comfort levels, natural light and security of your home. Your home’s orientation and your family’s needs should be considered when selecting the right glass solution for you.

Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard in all Jason Stacking Doors. Upgrade options include:




All Jason Stacking Doors are designed to accept a standard flyscreen covering the opening to prevent the intrusion of unwanted insects. The screens are fitted with fibreglass mesh as standard with the following upgrade options available:

Aluminium Mesh

  • More durable than fibreglass mesh
  • Suitable for bushfire rated zones, complies with AS3959 up to BAL29
aluminium mesh

Steel Mesh

  • Stronger than aluminium mesh
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for bushfire rated zones, compiles with AS3959 up to BAL29
steel mesh

Migi Mesh

  • Superfine to keep out tiny insects
  • Recommended for homes near waterways
migi mesh

Security Screens

Flyscreens are perfect for keeping insects such as flies, wasps, sandflies, mosquitoes, midges and spiders on the outside, but flyscreens alone are not designed to keep children and pets contained inside.
If security for children and pets is a concern, we recommend you upgrade to Jason Security Screens. Security screens provide enhanced security, prevent damage by pets, and will help keep your loved ones on the safe side.

BAL Ratings

The BAL assesses a home’s risk level of a potential ember attack, radiant heat, and direct flame contact.

The BAL (Bushfire Attack Level ) is a rating system that states the construction requirements under the Australian Standard AS3959-2009 to improve the protection of your home from a potential bushfire attack. Your builder will advise if your home is subject to a BAL rating. A Jason Windows product specialist can assist you with your BAL rating and your window, door and screen requirements to ensure your home meets the code.

Learn more about BAL Ratings and construction requirements here.

Remove and Replace

Are you renovating? Want to update your old, tired-looking windows and doors? Jason Windows offers a Remove & Replace service, in partnership with local experts.

Replacing windows and doors in existing homes is a specialised trade, and not where our expertise lies. Jason Windows can provide the quality windows and doors for your renovation, and will work alongside our Remove & Replace partners to meet your project requirements and ensure the renovation is done properly and professionally.
Whether you are looking to refresh your home with modern new window and door designs, replace your warped timber front door or upgrade the glass in your home, our Remove & Replace service offers the perfect renovation solution and a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Learn more about our Remove & Replace Service or request a quote today!

Handles to Suit Residential Framing System

Handles to suit Commercial (900 series) Framing System

Product Specifications

Frame Sizes - Head & Sill (mm) 195 x 54 from 100 - 250
Jamb (mm) 50 44
Door Height (mm) Min: 2057, Max: 2400 Min: 2057, Max: 3000
Door Width (mm) Min: 1800, Max: 3730 Min: 1930, Max: 9610
Maximum Panel Width (mm) 1200 2500
Maximum Panel Weight 80kg 250kg
Flydoor & Security Door Maximum Panel Width 1200 1500**
Maximum Water Rating 200pa 700pa
Maximum Wind Rating 800kpa 2500pa*
Maximum Glass Thickness - Single Glazing (mm) 10 15
Maximum Glass Thickness - Double Glazing (mm) 18 24
Maximum Bush Fire Rating BAL29 BAL40
Lowest U-Value Single Glazed 4.4 4.4
Lowest U-Value Double Glazed 4.4 3.1
Lowest SHGC - Single Glazed 0.32 0.53
Lowest SHGC - Double Glazed 0.32 0.47
NOTE: *Certain sizes / configurations can go over 2500pa with limitations.
Speak with a Jason Windows representative before specifying.
**Flydoor and Security Door option not available for four panel stacking door configuration.

Configurations & Sizes

Residential Standard Sizes

Three Panel Stacking Door Opens Left


Note: The minimum and maximum sizes shown below are independent variables.

Size Limitations (mm) Min Max
Width 2147 3730
Height 2057 2400
Brick Course
Door Sizes (mm) 2147 2271 2327 2687 2975 3227 3407 3587
25 (h) 2143
26 (h) 2229
27 (h) 2314
28 (h) 2400

Six Panel Stacking Door Opens Centre


Note: The minimum and maximum sizes shown below are independent variables.

Size Limitations (mm) Min Max
Width 4295 6385
Height 2057 2400
Brick Course
Door Sizes 4225 4585 5315 5883 6385
25 (h) 2143
26 (h) 2229
27 (h) 2314
28 (h) 2400

900 Series Standard Sizes

Three Panel Stacking Door Opens Left

900 stacking three panel opens left

Contact Jason Windows sales team for size options

Three Panel Stacking Door Opens Right

900 stacking three panel opens right

Contact Jason Windows sales team for size options

Four Panel Stacking Door Opens Left

900 stacking four panel opens left

Flydoor and security door options are not available for this configuration in the 900 series commercial frames.

Contact Jason Windows sales team for size options

Four Panel Stacking Door Opens Right

900 stacking four panel opens right

Contact Jason Windows sales team for size options

Six Panel Stacking Door Centre Opening


Note: The minimum and maximum sizes shown below are independent variables.

Size Limitations (mm) Min Max
Height 2057 3000
Width 5770 9610

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