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How do I remove my Jason Windows security screens for cleaning?

Our security screens shouldn’t be removed for cleaning purposes. Though there are still multiple ways to clean your screens without compromising security.

For a sliding screen window, you can usually hose the window down from the outside. However, if you want a more thorough clean then you can remove the sliding part of the window to gain access to the inside of the security screen. See below for an instructional video on how to remove the window.

For an Awning (aka winding) window, to gain access to the inside of the security screen you must wind your window out fully and use the open gap to reach the security screen.

How to remove flyscreens for cleaning?

We recommend you clean your flyscreens at least once a year. Regular cleaning will ensure your screens stay in good working order for years to come.

On the top of your flyscreen, there should be a fly tab which you can use to pull out the screen so that you can give it a thorough clean.

Our service team have put together a range of videos to show you how to remove your flyscreens or flydoors for easy cleaning.:

  • Sliding Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Sliding Flydoor

If you notice your flyscreens need maintenance work, you can book a service call or order spare parts online

Have you considered upgrading your flyscreens and doors to security screens? You can see our full range here

What type of glass cleaner should I use?

The Australian Window Association recommends that you clean windows using a non-abrasive pH neutral detergent solution.

Ammonia-based and alcohol-based glass cleaners are not recommended due to the streaky residue they can leave behind. Some branded glass cleaning solutions can cause damage to speciality glass such as laminated, tinted and coated glass such as Low E glass.

The safest option for cleaning glass is to follow this simple solution:

  • Mix 200mL of methylated spirits with 1.5Lt of clean warm water.
  • Dip a non-abrasive damp cloth into the solution, thoroughly squeeze it out and then wipe the glass all over.
  • Using a separate soft lint-free cloth, polish the glass surface.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the glass.

Refer to our Cleaning & Maintenance guide for complete cleaning instructions and recommended solutions for:

  • Aluminium Framed Windows & Doors
  • Locks, Catches and Rollers
  • Standard Glass
  • Paint Spots
  • High-Performance Glass

What colours are available?

Choosing the perfect colour for your windows, doors & security screens can be challenging. That is why we have selected our seven most popular shades to help you decide. In addition to these popular colours, you can now choose from our selection of timber look colours for your front door. Imagine the look for timber without the maintenance headaches!

Use our colour selector tool to help you choose the right colour to suit your homes exterior. Looking for some inspiration? Have a look at the various elevation styles in our image gallery.

Something to keep in mind, all the colours shown on our website are reproduced as accurately as possible. However, the colour profile on your monitor or mobile device will affect colour accuracy. We recommend you make your final colour selection from the samples on display in a Jason Windows showroom or your builders display centre.

Alternatively, if you have your eye on a special colour that isn’t in our standard range, or are trying to match an existing colour, talk to our sales team about the wide variety of custom colours we provide. You should note however, additional charges and longer lead times apply.

What brand of paint does Jason Windows use?

Jason Windows doesn’t use paint on our window and door frames but instead uses an aluminium powder coat. This is predominantly sourced from Interpon which contain no organic solvents or heavy metal pigments such as lead. We can also source colours from Dulux upon request.

You should note however, additional charges and longer lead times apply when a non standard colour is chosen.

Can I repaint my window frames?

Our windows and door frames cannot be repainted by the homeowner. This is because our frames are coloured using aluminium powder coat, and our products require pre-treatment to apply this. However external onsite application companies can be hired to re-do the windows. The pre-treatment and repainting process can often be more expensive than replacing the frames with new frames.

Contact Jason Windows supply department to be put in touch with a recommended repainting specialist, or visit our renovation page for a quote to replace your frames.


Can I install a pet door into my existing window, door or security screen?

Windows & Glass Doors
Yes, a pet door can be installed into your existing window or glass door, however, the glass must first be replaced with Toughened Grade A Safety Glass (not laminated). We have two height options:

  • 385mm for dogs
  • 266mm for cats, or small dogs

For a safe installation, there must be an allowance of 50mm on each side and 50mm from the bottom glass edge, not the frame.

Contact Jason Windows service team today and they can check the glass type you have in your home and supply a pet door quote.

Security Screens

Jason Windows don’t offer pet doors for our security screen products however, we can put you in touch with a pet door supplier who specialises in providing pet doors to suit the Jason Windows security door range. Contact our Jason Windows Security Screen team today for the referral.

What is the scratch resistance & durability of the timber look door finish?

Jason Windows commissioned independent testing to determine the surface durability of our Timber Look Door finish to determine scratch and marring resistance. What’s the difference?

The results proved the Timber look door finish exceeds average powder coat finish performance in the scratch and Mar testing.

What is the difference between a flyscreen, grille screen and security screen?

Are perfect for keeping insects such as flies, wasps, sandflies, mosquitoes, midges and spiders out while still allowing the cool breeze throughout your home. Flyscreens are not designed to keep pets and children contained.

Grille or Barrier Screens
Generally grille or barrier screens are designed to keep the pesky insects at bay and also offer some degree of protection against intruders. They are not rated for security by the Australian Standards.

Security Screens
Security screens are designed and installed to withstand an attack by an intruder whilst still functioning as an insect screen and allowing air flow into the home.

You can see the full Jason Windows security screen range here

What is your product warranty?

Jason Windows offers a 10 year structural warranty on all our windows, doors and security screens.

Moving parts such as door handles, hinges, rollers are covered by a manufacturers warranty of 2 years.

Are you concerned about your lever lock handle? Click here to find out how we can assist you. (link to lever lock handle page)
Click here for our full warranty, terms & conditions.


What are your lead times for owner builders?

All Jason windows, doors and security screen products are custom made for each order to ensure they fit your home perfectly. You can use the below as a guide for lead times:

Owner Builder

Product Average Load Time
Supply & Install
Security Screens 2-3 weeks from deposit receipt
Standard colours, non-commercial product
Doors & Windows 6-7 weeks from deposit receipt
Standard colours, non-commercial product
Glazing 6-7 weeks from deposit receipt
Supply Only
Doors, Windows & Glazing 10-15 days from deposit receipt
Standard colours, non-commercial product
Service Work
As a guide, allow 7 days of service work, priority is given to any work compromising the security of your hoome


  • Custom colours and commercial products require extended lead times. Current lead times will be confirmed at time of order.
  • Any dates quoted for delivery of the Goods are approximate only and Jason Windows shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Goods however caused. The Goods may be delivered in advance of the quoted delivery date upon giving reasonable notice.

What stocked items do you have available?

All Jason Windows products are custom made to order, we do not stock frames, doors or security screens. This ensures you get exactly what you require to suit your plans or your existing home.

Do Jason Windows make shower screens and mirrored wardrobes?

No, this is not our area of expertise. We do however recommend another West Australian business for these products:

WA Custom Glass
Ph: 9418 6222

Do Jason Windows make car windscreens?

No, this is not our area of expertise.


The standard of our workmanship at Jason Windows is paramount to our success, which is why we have partnered with two quality local businesses to meet your home renovation project requirements.

Jason Windows will still provide quality products for your project however we like to leave the building renovation work to the experts.

How long will a quote take?

If you can provide basic information and a picture, in most cases we can have an estimate back to you within 24 business hours. For larger projects that require a site consultation, please allow 2 – 3 working days after site measure. We like to get it right!

Do you take away the rubbish?

Yes, our renovation partners allow for the removal and disposal of all existing product in the installation cost, unless otherwise arranged.

What do I need to do before the installers arrive?

We ask that furniture and other items including blinds be moved clear of the work space before the installers arrive on site.

Will there be any damage when my new windows and doors are installed?

Most often, the original windows in residential construction are installed during the brick work stage of construction, and the house has essentially been built around the windows. Often internal plastering or external rendering works are also completed after the windows. This makes the window removal quite a technical part of the process. We need to assess exactly the best process and sequence for removal, for example, where to cut, where to push and where to pull!

Wet areas are particularly challenging as tiles are usually laid over the frame itself and require cutting to remove the frame while preserving the wall finishes that will remain for the new window installation. This is another element of the installation process that makes each project unique and our renovation team discuss any areas of concern at the site consultation.

Post fit remedial works are not something common, and our standard installation takes every element we can reasonably foresee into account to leave you with a project that’s complete with a quality finish for you to stand back and admire.

There can always be an unforeseeable exception, for example, some defects from the workmanship of past trades can present once the window works disturb the surrounding areas, or we may see something that requires your attention that is outside the scope of the window works such as rusty steel columns, vermin or asbestos. Our renovation team will always raise these points for discussion as soon as they are noticed.

Do you take away my old windows and doors?

Our removal and re fit process is a complete service. We remove the old, install the new products and all old products and packaging are removed for recycling or disposal. We also pride ourselves in leaving no footprint. We are working in your home or place of work and will demonstrate great respect for all our customers.

Can we convert our awning window to a different type of window?

Each product will have its own parameters for minimum and maximum sizes, configurations and glass types and thicknesses available. Our window and door renovation experts can guide you through options on which products are available to you based on your design brief or site specific requirements. We will explain the different attributes of each product and how their operation, aesthetic, airflow and other paramaters will work within your space.


How much is the service call out fee?

Our service call out fee for work outside of warranty is $165 which includes the first half hour of labour.

How do we come to this price?

Over half the homes in Western Australia have Jason Windows products installed, and it takes a large service team to support all these home owners for the life of their home. The service fee covers the cost of providing a dedicated, trained team of service technicians and administrative support.  These costs include:

  • Employment costs – wages, superannuation, employee insurance
  • Petrol, to and from your home
  • Motor vehicles and associated costs
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Tools
  • Training & licenses

Jason Windows is the only WA window, door and security screen manufacturer that offers dedicated ongoing service support for the life of your home. Are you a pensioner? Ask about our pensioner rates!

How long do we have to wait for service and repairs?

There is generally an average service wait time of 7 days. Demand for our services fluctuates from day to day for Perth and the South West region. You can book a service call by clicking here.

Can you service non-Jason Windows products?

Windows and doors might look very similar however there are vast differences between the workings of each brand available. Our service team is trained and skilled on the Jason Windows suite of products only so we are unable to service non Jason Windows products.