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Jason Security Screens employee showing samples to a home owner

Jason Windows have supplied and installed thousands of security screens across the Perth metro area, Bunbury, and the southwest.

So we know there are many varied reasons to consider adding security screens to your home.  Here’s six of the most popular.

  1. Peace of mind for home protection

Home protection is one of the most common reasons for having security screens installed.

Your home is where you and your loved ones live, and quite possibly one of your biggest assets, so it makes sense to want to protect it.

But did you know the diamond pattern grilles with fly mesh are generally not classified as security screens — they’re more commonly classified as barrier grilles.


What’s the difference between security doors and barrier doors?

  • Security doors must meet the Australian Standards to be classified as a security door
  • Security doors typically use triple locks, whereas barrier doors commonly use a single lock
  • Security doors predominantly use one piece of stainless steel mesh or perforated aluminium
  • Any modifications made to your security door, such as adding pet flaps, means they can no longer be classified as a security screen under Australian Standards. Any modified construction or installation from the Australian Standard would see the screen classed as a barrier screen, not a security screen.
  • Jason Windows manufacture two types of security screens, Perforated Aluminium and 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh
Close-up of the stainless steel mesh used in Jason Security Screens.

Enjoy peace of mind with Jason Security Screens while at home, out and about on the town, or even overseas on holiday.

  1. Pet proof security screen mesh for pet lovers

Do you have dogs that like to barge their way through your flyscreens? Or a cat that likes to scratch them. If you’re tired of remeshing your flyscreens, you’re not alone! Here’s just a few of the many requests we get for pet-proof security screen mesh.

Chocolate Labrador waiting patiently at the security screen. No such luck if it were a flyscreen!

Dog resistant security screens that keep your best friend safe (and in your good books)

Jocelyn writes:
Hello, we have an existing flyscreen panel in front of our Jason sliding door in the laundry room. Our dog has badly damaged the mesh and we would like to get the mesh replaced to something more durable that our dog can’t claw through. Unsure if we need a new door or just a repair, but hoping you can assist.

Neil asks:
We are looking to upgrade the sliding doors to the entertaining area. We have two dogs that have damaged the standard fly wire type screens and are looking for a better solution.

Peter jokes:
Could you please quote for security screen doors for the front and rear of our house. Must be pet resistant as my silly dogs go through flyscreens like there’s no tomorrow 🙂

Mark wants something dog resistant:

We’re looking to replace our rear sliding fly screen door with something more secure (and dog resistant). Thanks very much.

Cats are pretty high up on the list of reasons to replace flyscreens with security screens too! For example, Janet’s cats:

I have cats and would like to open the sliding door without them getting out or clawing the mesh 🐱

Jason Security Screens will keep your pets on the safe side and stop the little mischief makers from trying to claw or paw their way past your fly screens!

  1. Cool and comfortable security screens for warm spring days and hot summer nights

As soon as the weather starts to warm up, we get loads of requests for Jason Security Screens, and for good reason. Security doors are a great option for keeping your home comfortable by allowing a cool breeze to flow through your home without compromising on safety.

Security doors installed on sliding door, seen from an external undercover alfresco area

Gotta love that summer breeze – especially with Jason Security Doors letting it flow through your home.

Tom has shortlisted airflow as a key requirement:
Hi, I am interested in hinged security doors for the double front door. I am after privacy, airflow, visually pleasing and colour matching.

Airflow and security are important for Nick:
Hi. Just after one sliding security door for the laundry. Airflow is a high priority.

Enjoy the breeze and stay on the safe side with Jason Security Screens.

  1. Child safe security screens for multi-storey homes and at-risk areas

The building code of Australia has window regulations for new multi-storey homes for most windows that can be opened on the upper levels. This is to reduce the risk of falling and protect those living in the home, especially children.

A young girl has managed to push the flyscreen off the window creating a fall risk. Replace flyscreens with Jason Security Screens to remove this risk.

Avoid a fall risk. Replace flyscreens with security screens.

Most upper-level windows with a fall of 2 metres or more to the ground need to be fitted with window restrictors, so the windows cannot be opened more than 125mm.

Fortunately, the restrictors are not required if security screens are fitted, enabling you to open your windows fully to allow a nice breeze through.

Reza wants to replace the flyscreen with security screens to make sure her kids are safe:

I’d like to change the flyscreens on our sliding doors to security screens to keep our kids and pet safe.

Cale wants security screens on the kids’ bedrooms:

Need security screens on upstairs windows for kids’ bedrooms.

Stay on the safe side, install Jason Security Screens on your upper-level windows today.

  1. Better looking, see-through security screens for uninterrupted views

The Jason Security Screens range is available in two options; 316 Marine Grade Mesh (some people refer to this option as Invisimesh), and Perforated Aluminium.

If unrestricted views are important to you the 316 Marine Grade Mesh is the Jason Security Screen for you. It gives you a 125° viewing angle so you can see outside, without feeling like your view is obstructed – unlike ‘old school’ barrier screens with the diamond shaped grilles!

Tanith from Como wants better looking security screens:

Hi there, I’m looking to get my rear screen door replaced. It’s currently white diamond grille with torn fly wire but I’d be interested in a better-looking option that’s easy to see through and has hard mesh.

Joe wants a security screen that’s easy to see through:
Which security screen lets in the most light and is easy to see through?

Neal wants uninterrupted views:
I have a sliding door I need to secure and still have the views.

An expansive view of beautiful Brigadoon from the back patio

Don’t obscure your view. Enquire about Jason Security Screens 316 Marine Grade Mesh.

See-through security screens are perfect for securely enjoying the view, or simply keeping an eye on the kids while they play in the garden.

  1. BAL rated security screens for fire safety

If you live in a bushfire prone area, you’ll be familiar with BAL Ratings. BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level and depending on your BAL Rating, you will need to choose a security screen that meets the level of risk for your property.

Jason Windows Marine Grade Mesh and Perforated Aluminium security screens are both rated BAL-29, which makes them suitable for properties deemed to be in high-risk areas.

Rebecca needs BAL rated security screens for her laundry:
Our house is nearing completion and I’m wanting a quote on a security door in the laundry. Can you also advise if they are bush fire rated and if they have the option of a pet door in them?

Enquire about our range of Jason Security Screens that are rated BAL-29.

Request a Quote

Stay on the safe side with Jason Security Screens

If you would like a quote for security screens at your place, please feel free to contact one of our Jason product specialists today.

We can provide you with a no obligation quote:

  • For quality-made security screens that suit your Jason window frames without modification
  • Includes a 10-year structural warranty on all security screens
  • Doesn’t require the inconvenience of a site visit when you have existing Jason doors and windows (but we’re happy to arrange one if you prefer)
  • Interest free options available
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