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Triston from Jason Windows installing a Jason Security Screen for a customer. The colour of the frame is White Lustre to match the existing Jason Sliding Door frames.

Jason Windows supplies and installs security screens in Perth, Bunbury and the south-west. From the many customer requests we receive, we know there are many good reasons to consider adding security screens to your home.

It could be for your family’s security, maintaining secure airflow through the home, or simply because you’re tired of replacing the mesh on your fly screens  after your pets have scratched them to pieces. There’s a Jason Security Screen for every reason!

Buddy the dog is kept on the safe side with Jason Security Screens. There's no chance of him running through the glass on these sliding doors!

Buddy is waiting patiently to be let in because unlike  regular flyscreens, he can’t barge his way through a Jason Security Screen!

How to choose the best security screen installer in Perth, Bunbury and the south-west region

You may have heard about CrimSafe and InvisiGard. They’re big spenders when it comes to advertising, but when it comes to security screen performance, the big names are tested to the same rigorous standards as every other reputable security screen company in Perth.

Besides product aesthetics, the main thing to look for when choosing your security screen products are professional installation standards, professional accreditation, and professional membership.

Security screen installation

All reputable security screen company’s products are put through the same rigorous Australian Standards testing. They are all subjected to:

  • Dynamic Impact Tests
  • Jemmy Tests
  • Pull Tests
  • Probe Tests
  • Shear Tests
  • Knife Shear Tests

It’s important to know that all of these tests are performed under controlled conditions,  and proper on-site installation makes all the difference when it comes to security screens.

Any on-site modifications that are made to the security screens or your doors and windows to make them fit can affect the integrity of the product. Not only can this compromise their security performance, but it can also become a daily nuisance if they make a harsh scraping sound when not installed properly.

This is where Jason Security Screens shine.

Our security doors and window screens are manufactured in our modern factory located in Welshpool, Western Australia, and are designed to integrate with your existing Jason Windows and Door frames without the need for modifications.

In fact, we have improved the assembly and installation process over the recommended standards.

Security screen accreditation

Security Screen companies need to meet three Australian Standards for their security products. These are:

  • AS 5039: Security screen doors and security window grilles
  • AS 5040: Installation of security screen doors and window grilles
  • AS 5041: Methods of test – security screen doors and window grilles

Always check with your security screen company that they are an accredited provider that meets these Australian Standards.

Jason Security Screens are tested to all relevant Australian Standards and we provide a 10 Year Structural Warranty.

In addition, Jason Windows is an accredited security screen company and is audited every year. This ensures our manufacturing process and materials retain their integrity, so you can be assured your Jason Security Screens are not just made to perform well in tests then allowed to drop in quality.

Membership with a security screen professional body

If you’re considering installing security screens on your home, look for a company that has membership with a professional body such as the National Security Screen Association (NSSA).

An NSSA membership helps you know you are purchasing a compliant product from a reputable security screen company.

The NSSA is a national association dedicated to supporting the needs of security door and window grille fabricators, retailers, installers and component suppliers and to give protection to consumers.

Jason Windows is a member of the National Security Screen Association (NSSA). We keep up to date with the latest installation advice, regulations, training and licensing requirements to ensure you receive a quality product, installation service, and warranty.

A Jason Security Screen neatly fitted to an awning window so that the window is still functional.

Jason Security Screens can be fitted to Jason Awning Windows, Sliding Windows, Fixed Windows, Sliding Doors and more

How much do security screens cost?

Jason Windows offers two types of security screens to suit different budgets, depending on your priorities.

Our budget-friendly perforated aluminium security screens are great for securing your property and keeping your pets on the safe side.

On the other hand, if maintaining a nice view is important to you, or you live near the coast, river, waterway or have a pool, you might prefer to consider our security screens with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh.

The choice is yours, and best of all, we can provide a quote without inconveniencing you with a site visit.

Where to buy security screens in Perth and surrounds

Visit one of our Jason Windows showrooms and talk to a consultant. See our Contact Us page for details.

Request a fast, convenient and obligation-free quote online.

Five reasons to install security screens

  1. Peace of mind, security, safeguarding your family and property against intruders
  2. Being able to open your windows fully to make the most of a nice breeze on hot days, while staying safe
  3. Removing the need for window restrictors to and from vulnerable areas such as pools, and safeguarding from falls from height
  4. Keeping your pets on the safe side (or as I like to call it, #not-having-to-replace-your-flyscreens-every-time-your-cat-scratches-them-or-your-dog-runs-right-through-them. At least my fish can’t damage the fly screens!).
  5. Stylish, modern security screens without the diamond grilles


What’s the difference between security doors and barrier doors?

  • Security doors must meet the Australian Standards to be classified as a security door
  • Security doors typically use triple locks, whereas barrier doors commonly use a single lock
  • Security doors predominantly use one piece of stainless steel mesh or perforated aluminium
  • Any modifications made to your security door, such as adding pet flaps, means they can no longer be classified as a security screen under Australian Standards. Any modified construction or installation from the Australian Standard would see the screen classed as a barrier screen, not a security screen.
  • Jason Windows manufacture two types of security screens, Perforated Aluminium and 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh
A dog waiting patiently to be let in through the Jason Sliding Security Door.