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A backyard swimming pool that has windows within the pool enclosure.

An open window can boost your mood and energy levels, help regulate the temperature and humidity in your room, improve air quality, and create a balanced and comfortable environment.

But what if your windows won’t open all the way?

Chances are you have window restrictors installed.

Window restrictors are a safety device that limits the opening of a window to 100mm. They are designed to prevent children falling out of upper storey windows or gaining unsupervised access to pool and spa areas.

They serve an important purpose, but there is a popular alternative.

Window Security screens

Window restrictors can be annoying, with their 100mm (10cm) breeze-blocking constraints. Fortunately they are not the only option for safety around pools.

Security Screen Windows are a popular choice for the safety conscious, breeze-loving pool owner.

WA rules for pools and spas require windows within pool and spa enclosures to be safe and secure from children gaining unsupervised access.

More Info: Rules for Pools and Spas – a simple checklist for residents | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (

Security Screen Windows

Jason Security Screens help to keep your children on the safe side, comply with safety regulations, and allow for a fully open-able window.

Available for sliding windows, awning windows and double hung windows, our premium 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh security screens provide the ultimate in security, safety and fresh air.

Rules for Pools and Spas

This article is a summary of the regulations and focuses on window safety around private pools and spas.

Please refer to the  Rules for Pools & Spas  published by the Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Building and Energy website for up to date information.

To find out more about Jason Security Screens, check out the Security Screen Windows page and request a quote today.