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Glass Cleaning

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Just like your frames, it is important to maintain your glass like other fixtures throughout your home. Regular glass cleaning will reduce the chance of potential issues occurring in the future.

To clean standard glass, simply wipe surface with a diluted solution of methylated spirits on a damp cloth, then polish the surface with a lint free cloth. Proprietary glass cleaners are not recommended as some of them can cause damage to the interlaying membrane of laminated glass. Importantly ensure that all cleaning cloths are free of abrasive substances.

Avoid causing extreme temperature changes, as this may lead to the glass incurring a thermal fracture. For example do not splash hot water on cold glass or vice versa and where possible prevent the situation whereby half a glass panel may be shaded while the remaining proportion is exposed to direct solar radiation.

You can read more about Thermal Fracture or Thermal Stress on the Australian Glass & Glazing Association (AGGA) website.

Refer to our Maintenance Guide for full glass cleaning instructions.