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How Often Should I Clean my frames?

Category: Service & Maintenance

EnvironmentCleaning FrequencyNotes
Rural/Suburban EnvironmentsMaximum period between cleaning is 6 months.Over time, dirt and various materials will come into contact with your frames. Maintenance will help to prevent gradual deterioration and corrosion.
Coastal/River/Pool/Industrial EnvironmentMaximum period between cleaning is 3 months.

Hardware should be cleaned very month.

Windows & doors within 8km of the coastline, rivers or within close proximity to swimming pools or industrial environments have a higher risk of corrosion.
Extreme Conditions (eg: heavy industry, quarries etc)Maximum period between cleaning is monthlyExposure to heavy grime deposits and atmospheric pollution, eg sulphur compounds or salts, will quickly corrode your frames and cause visible deterioration if maintenance isn't carried out regularly.

Refer to our Maintenance Guide for further guidance.