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Remove & Replace Service

It’s a common question asked by many homeowners – should I remove and replace a door or windows to add value or functionality to my home? Is it best to renovate, rebuild, or relocate to a new home that suits my changing lifestyle?

There is no absolute right or wrong answer, but when done right, extending or simply modernising your home will add value and is an investment in your future.

Getting started is often the most daunting step! Whether you are looking to create more space or update the look and feel of your home, the whole process can be quite overwhelming.

That’s when Jason Windows can step in to help. We have a long-standing history of locally manufacturing quality window, door and security screen products, and our experience and knowledge is second to none. Your decision to trust Jason Windows products is backed up by our dedicated service team, who are on hand  to service your Jason products for the life of your home.

old sliding window that needs replacing
Time for an update?
front door before and after jason windows remove and replace

Watch Upgrade of an old wooden front door in Munster

Our Remove & Replace Partners.

Who we trust to get the job done.

Jason Windows manufactures quality aluminium windows and doors. The replacement of windows and doors in existing established homes is a very specialised field, and because the standard of our workmanship is critical for our customers and paramount to our success,  we are happy to leave the Remove & Replace work to the experts. So while Jason Windows will still provide quality doors and windows for your project, we have partnered with three trusted local West Australian businesses to carry out all Remove & Replace window project requirements.

Whether you are looking to bring the outdoors in with modern new window and door designs, replace your warped timber front door, or upgrade the glass in your home, we offer the perfect product solution and a stress-free installation experience from start to finish.

You will love your new Jason Windows products, supplied and installed with care by the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can provide basic information and a photo, in most cases we can have an estimate back to you within 24 business hours. For larger projects that require a site consultation, please allow up to five working days after site measure. We like to get it right!

Our Remove & Replace process is a complete service. Our partners will remove the old frames, along with any packaging material from your new windows and doors, and take them away to be recycled or disposed of. We pride ourselves in leaving no footprint – we appreciate we are working in your home or place of work and will demonstrate great respect for everyone involved.

Furniture and other items will need to be moved to clear the work space before the installers arrive on site. Blinds will need to be removed for clear access to the window, and to ensure they don’t get damaged.

Windows in residential construction are usually installed during the brickwork stage of construction, after the house has been built around the frames. In addition, internal plastering or external rendering works are often completed after the windows and door frames are installed. This makes the removal process quite technical . We need to assess exactly the best process and sequence for removal, for example, where to cut, where to push and where to pull!

Wet areas can be particularly challenging as tiles are usually laid over the window frame itself and require cutting to remove the frame while at the same time preserving the integrity of the wall finishes that need to remain in place after the new window installation. This is just one element of the installation process that makes each project unique. Our renovation team will  discuss any areas of concern with you at the site consultation.

Post-installation remedial works are not common, and our standard installation takes into account every possible element we can reasonably foresee in order to leave you with a quality finish that you can stand back and admire, without seeing where we’ve been!

There is always the possibility of the unforeseeable exception, however. For example, any defects from the workmanship of past trades can present once the removal process disturbs the surrounding areas, or we may see something that requires your attention that is outside our scope of  work, such as rusty steel columns, vermin or asbestos. Our Remove & Replace partners will always raise these points for discussion as soon as they are noticed.

Each product has its own parameters around minimum and maximum sizes, configurations and glass types and thicknesses. Our window and door Remove & Replace partners can guide you through the options on what products are most suitable for you, based on your design brief or site-specific requirements. We will explain the different attributes of each product and how their operation, aesthetic, airflow and other specifications will work within your space.

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