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Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows Range

Jason Fixed Windows are available in a range of shapes and sizes all designed and custom made to suit your requirements including:

  • Rectangles
  • Triangles
  • Rakes
  • Arches and Circles

Built to last, Jasons sturdy frame design offers a minimum frame width of 76mm to provide sturdiness and strength. Suitable for both double brick and framed construction.

Jason Fixed Windows are available in three different framing types:
Residential: Popular framing system available across the Jason product range
Benchmark: Heavier frame design for aesthetics and larger, heavier glazing
Commercial: Custom frames to suit architectural homes

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Fixed Windows


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Energy Efficiency

The dual seal design minimises air leakage and produces an excellent air conditioning rating ensuring maximum efficiency from heating and cooling the home.


Anneled glass is supplied as standard in Jason Fixed Windows range. Other upgrade options include:

  • Toughened (Safety Glass)
  • Laminated (Safety Glass)
  • Toned (Tinted Glass)
  • Low E
  • Double Glazing

Learn more about these glass types here.

Low E
To improve energy efficiency further, consider Low E energy efficient glass to reduce the transfer of heat or cold through the glass. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Low E glass is like insulation panels for your home.

Double Glazing
Traditional window glazing consists of a single sheet of glass. Double glazing consists of two panels of glass in a sealed unit separated by a layer of air or argon gas. The Jason Double Glazing Range uses argon gas to create a more effective insulation break. This greatly reduces both heat flow and thermal conductivity through the window. The thermal benefits of double glazing make it ideal for rooms where greater control of heat gain or loss is required.
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Express Yourself

Our unique couplers allow neat and appealing window to window or window to door alignment with unobstructed views.

See our image gallery for more inspiration on how to use couples with fixed windows in your home.

Fixed Windows Brochure
Cover preview of the Fixed Windows brochure by Jason Windows

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Windows Configuration
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Selecting Glass:
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Colour selection
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One Panel

Two Panel

Three Panel (equal)

Three Panel

Four Panel

Diamond Window

Coupled Two Panel

Three panel vertical

Coupled Four Panel

Coupled Six Panel (equal)

Coupled Six Panel

Coupled Eight Panel

Two Panel Fixed Lite with Midrail

Four Panel Fixed Lite with Midrails

Six Panel Fixed Lite with Midrails

Eight Panel Fixed Lite With Midrails

Single Perma Vent (Toilet)
Max Width: 970mm

Double Perma Vent (Toilet)
Max Width: 1930mm

These are the most popular configurations. Contact our sales team for our custom options.

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