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Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows

Jason Louvre Windows are a great way to ventilate the home and take up less space when fully open than other window types. Breezway louvre galleries are fitted into the Jason commercial framing system and can provide a stylish practical addition to any home.

Jason Commercial Framing System:

  • 100mm x 44mm custom frames

Louvre blades can either be:

  • 152mm high (maximum blade width 900mm)
  • 102mm high (maximum blade width 750mm)

The minimum width of louvre including framing is 44omm


Animated demonstration of Jason Louvre Windows opening and closing

Operational Options

With Jason Louve Windows you can choose the operational option most suited to you:

  • Standard handles with integrated keylocks for added security
  • Ring pull handles with a rod for high applications or
  • Electronic remote openers also great for high applications
Glazing Options

Glazing for Louvre Windows must be 6mm toughened glass. Upgrade options include:

  • Toned Toughened (Tinted Glass)
  • Low E

Obscure glass options are available when privacy is required for example, in bathrooms. Learn more about these glass types here.

Speak to a Jason Windows product specialist for glazing advice or download our free Glass Guide here. 

Louvre Windows Brochure
Cover preview of the Louvre Windows brochure by Jason Windows

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Windows Configuration
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Selecting Glass:
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Colour selection
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Single Window

Single louvre applications open twice as wide as regular windows to make the most of natural breezes.

Multiple Windows

Multiple windows can be placed strategically on walls to capture views whilst still allowing airflow into the home.

Narrow Windows

Tall, narrow windows are great for smaller areas within the home that require natural light and ventilation.

Fixed Lite Windows

Louvres with fixed lites help frame a view whilst gaining good airflow into the house.

Windows Beside Doors

Place tall, thin windows on opposite sides of your front door to allow airflow into the home even when the door is closed.

Floor to Ceiling Window

Single or multi-bay floor to ceiling windows can make the most of natural air, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Wall of Windows

A wall of windows can maximise ventilation and outdoor views.

Fixed Lite Windows

Louvres with fixed lites help frame a view whilst gaining good airflow into the house.

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