Jason Windows

Jason Windows Core Values

4T’s – Our Core Values were established in 2010 as part of a cultural change program. Employee developed, the 4T’s guide decisions and practices at all levels of the business, ultimately enhancing both internal and external relationships. When ‘lived’, the 4T’s seek to give purpose to why things are done and the way things are done at Jason Windows. They seek to be naturally empowering for all employees, to provide direction at those fork in the road moments and drive the rationale behind first-time decisions and improvement opportunities. As a consequence, they contribute to successful outcomes at an individual, team and organisation level.

At Jason Windows each department has identified Above the Line and Below the Line behaviours that support or derail the Core Values. Individual departments have recognised these behaviours which are most relative to their teams’ customers, processes and people.


Everyone working together and supporting each other

  • Establish common goals and work together to achieve them
  • Actively sharing information and ideas
  • Work with others and support them with their problems

Being accountable for the success of the business, your co-workers and yourself

  • Owning up to and learning from our own mistakes
  • Being part of the solution, not the problem
  • Having courage to lead change

Being reliable and dependable

  • Listen First, Clarify Expectations, Keep Commitments
  • Being reliable to complete tasks
  • Supporting others openly

Meeting our promises and fulfilling others expectations

  • Always looking to improve with a focus on solutions
  • Seeing things through to the finish line
  • Strive to exceed expectations