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Seascape_Pool alfresco
Builder: Seascape Designs | Photography: Fletcher Visuals
In partnership with their client, Seascape Designs created this unique energy efficient and sustainable beach house using low embodied energy materials and a mix of modern building materials. It is truly inspirational! We asked David Pratt from Seascape Designs to tell us more…

What was your brief for this Seascape Designs build?

Our client had visions of their dream beach house and wanted to work with a builder that allowed them to play a major role in the project. They desired an energy efficient, sustainable home that would use as much of the natural light and elements as possible, while creating a dream home that would be unique to them and not an ‘average beach house’. With their local knowledge, the client envisioned a unique passive solar design that would fit the block perfectly.

seacape design custom beach house

What are the highlights of this home design? What makes it unique?

One of the major highlights is the passive solar principles used in the open central living and outdoor living areas. Leading up to the front door and alfresco area that overlooks the pool, your eyes are drawn into the centre of the home. The house is wrapped around the central pool area, and the oversized Jason Stacking Doors disappear into the wall, providing a large, seamless opening to the central part of the home.

seascape design custom home with jason windows

Do you have a favourite feature in this beach house, and why?

There are so many features in this house I adore: looking across the pool from the comfortable pool room, through the big open living area to the cosy garden and  stone outdoor fire place; the massive bedroom window; and the timber and dark Colorbond feature floating walls that you first see when entering the property. The variety of materials, textures and tones used is delightful. Not to mention the Jason Stacking doors that provide clear views from anywhere in the home.

There are no surprises that this impressive home won The Best Contract Home ($650,000 – $750,000) in the 2021 MBA Bankwest Building Excellence Awards – South West.

seacape design custom home award winner

How did the windows and doors play a role in the design and the client’s requirements?

The Jason Stacking Doors and Windows played a massive part in this design, something that was a must for the client. They knew that the initial outlay would be more, but being the main feature and knowing the incredible impact they would add to the home they knew it would be worth the investment.

Did you come across any challenges with this home design?

Building a house this size on an 818m2 block was always going to be a challenge but the design uses every part of the block perfectly. We were lucky with such a tight on-site fit to have access around the whole site, with a driveway to the property at the back and a vacant block at the front for storing materials. Trying to work out how to incorporate the Jason Stacking Doors into the walls was a challenge when it was our first time with this type of door system. It was a major relief when the large stacking doors were finally installed; they worked perfectly, disappearing into the walls seamlessly. Probably one of the biggest challenges throughout this project was the weather – the relentless winter storms hammered us all winter and gave us a lot of grief throughout different stages. But once the sun came out again and the rain stopped it all came together just in time for the family’s Christmas party in their new dream beach home.

Seascape Designs