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Making Great Renovation Decisions with Natalee Bowen

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First published as Options Are Limitless in the New Homes lift-out, The Weekend West, September 7-8 2019 Edition. Updated and edited for Jason Windows.

Indah Island Hamptons expert Natalee Bowen talks finer renovation decisions.

When renovating or building your home, some of the most overwhelming decisions come in the form of selecting windows, doors and trims. If these are not the right colour, frame or design from the start they’re not easy to replace.


This is great for the Hamptons, coastal and traditional looks. The frames will stand out and create a pretty profile. However, there is a maintenance factor which needs to be considered. Jason Timber Look Doors give you the natural look of a timber entry door with the durability and strength of aluminium, which only need minimal maintenance and upkeep!

Renovation Decisions - Consider choosing Timber Look Doors by Jason Windows to achieve the look of wood without all the maintenance. Western Red Cedar pictured.

Jason Windows’ Timber Look Doors shown in Western Red Cedar

Aluminium Windows

If you are after a more distinct profile use a semi-commercial frame over a residential frame, as this creates depth and a more solid look. From afar you really don’t see a huge difference between wood and aluminium, however, up close you notice cleaner lines in this style and there is hardly any maintenance.

Renovation decisions - 3D rendered concept drawing of Indah Island's Toodyay Farm Hampton's Project pictured with semi-commercial window frames

3D rendered concept drawing of Indah Island’s Farm Project

We have used Jason Windows for our Hamptons Farm project here in Western Australia, as this gave us the fire rating we needed and allowed us to create beautifully featured windows using semi-commercial frames throughout. We also selected white frames to keep a traditional look that would stand the test of time.

Aluminium Doors

If you are styling a Hamptons home, use a French window-style door to introduce a different aesthetic into an office or dining room. Front doors are another big feature decision, as they greet you every day. Think about the light into the entrance; do you want glass, or do you prefer privacy?

Renovation Decisions - Introduce a different aesthetic with the use of french doors. Lakehouse by Plunkett Homes pictured.

Jason French Doors as featured in The Lakehouse by Plunkett Homes

Skirting and cornices

Find your inspirations. Look through Instagram and magazines to get a feel for heights of skirting and width of cornices. If you are going with a classic American style, think detail without going over the top. If you are going more modern, think clean lines with little details such as squares, shadow lines or a block style. Don’t overlook these features, as they are a way to create layers and details on your walls and in your home.

If you are building or renovating, stay tuned to Indah Island and keep looking out for articles on everything you need to know, or read some of our related posts below to help with your renovation decisions. For more information on the Hamptons Farm project, visit the Indah Island website and check out their latest blogs.

About the Author

Natalee Bowen - Indah Island - Profile PhotoNatalee Bowen has been in the design industry for over 20 years. Indah Island has been commissioned both Australia wide and internationally. Natalee’s work has received many industry awards and is now featured in many magazines, social media and TV programs such as Dream Homes, Ready Set Reno, Luxury Homes Revealed, Best Houses Australia, and Through the Front Gate, viewed by 40 million in America. Natalee has a unique style that incorporates the classic style of the Hamptons with the tropical lush of the coast. Natalee has also worked in the commercial sector designing, renovating and styling spaces. There is no limit to design, and Indah Island explores all avenues to create beautiful spaces. Please feel free to contact Natalee for a consultation today. She lives in Perth and works all over Australia.

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