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Image by Atrium Homes
Image by Atrium Homes
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You may have recently moved into your two-storey home. It looks great and it feels great, but there is a bit of confusion. Your top floor windows just won’t open beyond a certain point! Is something wrong with your windows? Are there window restrictors placed on them?

Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with the quality or function of your windows. With a massive increase in high rise buildings and two (or more) storey homes throughout Australia, the National Construction Code (NCC) has introduced the “Kids can’t fly” regulations. As much as kids may wish they could fly, the truth is that they can’t.

In order to protect children’s safety throughout the country, the NCC has implemented regulations that restrict the opening space of your top floor windows.

Since 2013, any window that has a fall of 2 metres or more should be restricted so that a sphere of 125 mm (12.5cm) cannot pass through the opening at a force of 250N or 25kg of force. This space is large enough to allow some air to flow into your upper rooms while being small enough to protect your kids from harm.

These changes came into effect during 2014 in Western Australia.

The NCC requirements state that:

  1. Windows that are in a Bedroom only, where the internal floor level is equal to or greater than two meters above outside ground level, are to have fall prevention methods applied.
  2. ALL windows that the internal floor level is equal to or greater than four meters above ground level, are to have fall prevention methods applied
  3. A roof externally does not affect these codes as it typically does not have a barrier on the edge.
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Window Restrictors Explained Kds Can't Fly

How can I avoid Window Restrictors?

Some may be frustrated with the minimum airflow that is coming into their homes. The good news is, there is a solution!

The National Security Screen Association (NSSA) states that any security screen with sufficient strength and design (in accordance with NSSA standards) can be fitted to upper-level windows in order to change or remove window restrictors.

By fitting a properly classified security screen to your upper-level windows you can have the window restrictors removed and open your windows all the way, letting more air into your home.

How do you find the right screen?

Finding the right security screen in order to comply with building codes and rid you of window restrictors can be tough. It’s important to find security screens that comply with fall regulations as outlined by the NSSA*. Jason Security Screens comply with all the necessary building codes required and also hold a bushfire rating of BAL29.
To find out more about Jason Security Screens, visit the Jason Windows website and check out the security screen page, or sign up for future security screen offers.

If your home was built prior to 2014 and not subjected to these regulations and you have safety concerns, contact Jason Windows to discuss options.

*To learn more, read the NSSA fall prevention requirements.